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  • Summary : Set and track your Marketing Communication budget with this free excel spreadsheet and charts
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Price : $49.00

Excel Spreadsheet to set and track your Marketing Communication budget

• 1 spreadsheet to set and track your budget • 3 charts to visualize actual vs initial budget, spendings summary, category breakdown

Key Benefits

• easy to use Excel format
• Chart easily usable in a ppt
• save 3 hours on formatting
• generates 3 charts automatically
• tracks marketing budget month by month
• calculates year to date & cumulative spend

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Estimated Time Saved: 2 Hours

Input Budget for the following channels:

• Public Relations
• Content Marketing
• Advertising (print)
• Advertising (online)
• Events & Sponsorships
• Social Media
• Mobile
• Marketing Automation/Email
• SEO/Website
• Internal Communications/Sales Enablement

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Andrea Bevan (July 06, 2012 04:53 pm)

Doesn't download :( Second one I've tried to download without success.

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