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How will this be useful to you?

It's about to get ectic and you really need something to help you keep track ?

This Excel spreadsheet allows consultants to keep track of their time thanks to the most user friendly monthly timesheet.

What's the content?

Helps you keep track of:

• Billable hours for separate contracts
• Overtime
• Non-billable
• Training (Billable + non Billable)
• Government Holiday
• Vacation
• Sick Days
• Other (Billable + non Billable)

Key Benefits

-Requires no time to fill out
-Easily adaptable to your specific situation

The company issuing this template is a European consulting firm specialized in Digital Strategies, working for Fortune 500 companies. It has acquired a recognized expertise in the field of online B2B strategies, in various industries including Insurance, Banking, Retailing, Telecom. Its author is a senior partner at the company, with a background in the big 5 consulting firms, with more than 15 years of experience assisting its clients in building online success. Note: Consulting Café protects anonymity of the companies / authors publishing content and / or buying content on the market place to protect their image.



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