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Consulting Café aims to create a worldwide resource base for the Consulting Community.
We provide ways for consultants to save time, increase revenue and leverage each other's experiences. Consultants use it to find deliverables, exchange business tips and tool recommendations.
We hope to help improve consultants’ efficiency and alleviate their busy lives.
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Save Time – Download the documents you need

Your time is precious, why spend hours re-writing documents that other top consultants have already produced? On the marketplace, you can find templates, winning proposals, best practice guides, consulting contracts, SWOT analyses, Competitive analyses etc.
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Monetize your archived work

Every consultant has loads of idle documents on their hard drive. We let your hard work from past projects have a second life and make money for you in just a few clicks. We like to think of Consulting Café’s database as the ebay of consulting.

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Find the most recommended softwares and tools for consultants

Sometimes, a simple software can make a huge impact on your productivity. We provide you with a catalog of the best solutions used in the industry rated by your peers. Let the community run the due diligence on data backup, project management, cloud computing, conference calls, file transfer, and scheduling solutions! Consulting Café also lets you post your own recommendations and review the tools that you use.
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Share experiences, tips, insights, products with other consultants on the Blog

The Consulting Café blog allows experienced consultants to share career, client relationship and business development advises. Contributors also use the blog to give their take on industry trends, products that consultants love or even share personal development tips.

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Time to let your hair down and tell on your clients

Being a consultant means sometime seeing the worst side of companies. Stubborn, cheap, uncooperative, clueless.. We have seen it all. Consulting Café lets you share your most epic experiences and anonymously rate how consultant-friendly your clients truly are. Consultants use it to submit a full rating or simply tweet their most absurd anecdotes @EpicClients.
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Ask, Debate, and Share your opinions and experiences with the consulting community.
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