10 Efficiency Killers for Consultants

Author : Dan Anderson
Published: April 26, 2012

Every consultant wants to be more efficient. Productivity allows us to tackle more problems, take on more clients, and make more money. While this may seem obvious, many consultants still get caught up in these 10 efficiency killers:

1- Checking Twitter and Facebook more than a couple times each day.
2- Using desktop email notifications when you have no urgent business.
3- Running active programs on your computer that you aren’t using.
4- Setting your phone to vibrate or beep every time you get an email.
5- Idling your Skype account in ‘Online’ or ‘Available’.
6- Subscribing to more blogs, RSS feeds, and newsletters than actually help your business.
7- Answering your phone while working on any project that demands concentration.
8- Working on faux-productive projects like ‘to-do’ lists.
9- Meeting with clients or other partners in person when a call or email would suffice.
10- Taking phone calls from friends or reading personal email on the job.

How to fix the mistakes: If you are liable to committing any of the above mistakes then you should work to eliminate them from your work life. Focus on one or two of them per week and try to stop doing them—go cold turkey. The energy you spend doing so may take extra time in the short run, but soon enough you’ll be a much more productive consultant. If you're really pressed, use the time management excel document to better manage your time!

Which one will you cut?

If some of these tendencies are stress busters for you, look up other ways in dealing with stress that are more efficient by reading Eric Greenberg's article.

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