Your First Consulting Job – Know your Credibility

Have you ever faced off with a client that is trying to teach you how to do your job? For the veteran with 20 years experience, it wouldn’t be too hard to show the client who’s boss. But when you’re a 20-something consultant new on the scene, the task might not be so easy. How can you establish your credibility nonetheless?

Author : Consulting Café

Tips for a Consultant Newbie - Making it through the first few months

7 tips to help you make it through your first three to six months so you can go on to build a profitable business you can enjoy for years to come.

Author : Debbie LaChusa

Peter Sheahan: Research, Questions, & Patience Make Quality Insights

In this interview, Peter Sheahan discusses forming innovative strategies, making better proposals, and motivating your clients and your team.

Author : Peter Sheahan

When Feedback Attacks!

It would be wise to understand the mechanics of why feedback often fails to obtain its primary objective (to improve performance or effectiveness).

Author : Robert Bullock

Don't Panic: What To Do If You Aren't Staffed Right Away

You’re not staffed. What do you do now?

Author : John Shaughnessy

The Key to Success that You may be Overlooking

Here are the reasons why you should consider inviting the client’s employees to contribute, and how to make the partnership work

Author : Consulting Café

Is Your Strategy Due for a Check-Up?

You need to regularly assess and update your strategic plan

Author : Holly Green

Power Shift: Independent Consultants Stepping Ahead

A fundamental change is quietly but most assuredly taking place in the American workplace: the balance of power is shifting from employers to professionals who work contingently.

Author : John Kunzweiler

8 Tips for Independent Consultants to Jump-Start Business

Here are eight business strategies that can help any independent contractor build their business and position themselves for victory in a competitive market.

Author : Mary Sigmann

How to Avoid being Blown Out of an Office

Here are some situations to be aware of and avoid or deal with more productively.

Author : Alan Weiss

Keep Moving and be a Healthy (and Wealthy) Consultant

A sporting lifestyle is a good way to keep us from falling out of shape.

Author : Alex Murphy

Working Backwards for Maximum Effectiveness

Here’s a conceptual breakthrough that I’m introducing with my coaching clients in my new Super Coaching (KAATN: Kick Ass And Take Names) Program.

Author : Alan Weiss