Secret Weapons of the Modern Consultant

Here are a number of secret weapons of the modern consultant (arranged roughly in order from foundational to more advanced)

Author : Steve Shu

The Most Important Leadership Trait You Shun

Imagine two lists: One contains the qualities that a business person should have, and another includes the attributes that most business people would say they wouldn't want to have. There's only one term I can think of that might top both lists: vulnerability.

Author : Patrick Lencioni

7 Tips for a New Consultant

Here are a few tips that may help you navigate the unknown waters of being employed at a consulting firm.

Author : Lew Sauder

8 Tips to Improve Those Frustrating Emails

Just simply looking at these staggering figures shows that email takes up a large part of our day, but there’s much more than just this.

Author : Robert Bullock

Why Clients Don’t Trust Us: The Seven Deadly Sins of Consulting

Based on surveys conducted by various consulting companies, we can notice that the same complaints can be heard over and over again. I, personally, call them the seven deadly sins of consulting. Let’s see what clients say about us and how we can avoid such causes for criticism.

Author : Steve Polen

Numbers Can Be Your Best Friend. Really!

If you think you can get clients to believe you based only on your charm and good looks, you’re wrong. There is a reason that people ask you to put your money where your mouth is – they want you to “Prove It!” And it’s easy, I promise.

Author : Ruth Henderson

Secret Techniques to Overcoming Obstacles as a Manager or Consultant

Voici quelques-unes des techniques qui viennent à l'esprit et sont particulièrement plus communes dans les situations entrepreneuriales ou intra-entreprises

Author : Steve Shu

If You Play Not to Lose, You'll Lose

Jim Furyk did his level best not to lose the U.S. Open Golf Championship, and he would up doing exactly that: losing it. That's because he didn't try to win it, merely not to lose it when he had the lead.

Author : Alan Weiss

Why I Stopped Consulting in the Public Sector

After over 10 years in my comfortable government job, I quit to become a consultant. The reaction from most people was a high pitched frantic "WHY?" that shot out of people's mouths.

Author : Nicole Dunn

Why I Became an Independent Contractor

You get the real world job, and you realize how narrow the scope is in what you are asked to do. The opportunities are there but then again it is not really what you had thought that they would be like. You learn to adapt in that environment.

Author : Santosh Kolhatkar

Independent Consultants are Terrible Sales People

The great marketing material that you had prepared has gained the attention of the prospective client who wants to have a meeting discussing future possibilities. They are very seriously looking at hiring you for a 6-month assignment, on a day rate of £600. What do you do?

Author : Rolf Gerritsen

Trends for Independent Consultants

More and more companies are hiring contractors to help them transform their business. This is not surprising. After all, if an organisation is aiming to reduce costs, it can hardly bring in even more full time employees to reduce those costs.

Author : Rolf Gerritsen