Moving beyond the Analysis: Close Relationships Can Help

For the past three months, I have been conducting a strategy review for a retail chain. As any consultant would do, I had gathered data, had conducted interviews, had prepared analysis, had derived recommendations and had begun preparing for a series of presentations.

Author : Uri Goldberg

Make Your Consulting Proposals More Compelling

In this interview, authors Matt Kohut and John Neffinger discuss techniques that consultants can use to become more effective leaders and more compelling in giving proposals.

Author : Matt Kohut and John Neffinger

Face-to-Face Communication – A Key Consulting Skill

We wrote this article to help you assess your own face-to-face communication and improve your skills.

Author : Robert Bullock

Daniel Goleman: Great Leadership Requires Focus

In this Q & A, Daniel Goleman discusses his new book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, and answers consultant’s questions about attention, leadership, and team management.

Author : Daniel Goleman

Consulting is a Contact Sport

Modern technology makes it easy for workers to get things done away from the office. But as the contingent workforce swells into the tens of millions of professionals, many independent consultants are faced with the question of where they should ideally do their work. The short answer: the client site.

Author : John Kunzweiler

An Inside Look at McKinsey with Duff McDonald

In our interview, Duff addresses the unique characteristics of a McKinsey consultant, the history behind the behemoth brand, and what makes their services worth (or not worth) the hefty price tag.

Author : Duff McDonald

Peter Sheahan: Research, Questions, & Patience Make Quality Insights

In this interview, Peter Sheahan discusses forming innovative strategies, making better proposals, and motivating your clients and your team.

Author : Peter Sheahan

Systems Thinking: A Consultant’s Guide to Working through Complexity Thumb_systems_thinking_consulting

The purpose of this article is to discuss one particular aspect of systems thinking – dealing with complexity – and explore how you as a consultant can develop this skill.

Author : Robert Bullock

Should I be a Facilitator?

I run into a lot of folks who use the term "management consulting" a lot more loosely than I would use the term.

Author : Steve Shu

How to Make Project Closure and Client-Consultant Transitions Smooth

Some tricks to making transitions smoother for both clients and consultants

Author : Steve Shu

10 Tips to Manage Conflicts with Your Clients

Here are my Top 10 Tips to help you deal with conflict with your clients

Author : Wendy Howard

Naked Consulting: What Clients Really Want

"Instead of admitting that you graduated from college last spring, just say that it's been a while since you were in school," was the answer I was advised to give. The underlying message was that we needed to portray ourselves as having more knowledge and experience than we actually did.

Author : Patrick Lencioni