Independent Consultants are Terrible Sales People

The great marketing material that you had prepared has gained the attention of the prospective client who wants to have a meeting discussing future possibilities. They are very seriously looking at hiring you for a 6-month assignment, on a day rate of £600. What do you do?

Author : Rolf Gerritsen

Teamwork: Making the Inefficient, Efficient

Below are some practical ideas for improving team performance.

Author : Robert Bullock

When Consultants Get Too Close To Their Clients...

Conventional wisdom says that you're better off if your client is your friend. Yet after many years in consulting, I tend to see some limitations to this assumption.

Author : Zachary Birnbaum

Managing Client Expectations

Understanding the risks of a project is just as important as understanding its costs, rewards, deadlines, or any other basic quality. In the long run, businesses can survive and thrive pursuing projects that could possibly fail but may be groundbreaking if they succeed. Explaining this to clients helps ground their expectations in reality.

Author : Dan Anderson

Consultants Are Outsiders: Deal With It.

They are often hired by clients to provide an outsider’s view, a fresh perspective, unburdened by the politics, cynical attitudes and prejudices that are ingrained with tenured client employees.

Author : Lew Sauder

Beware of Brain Pickers

Here are some advices to avoid brain pickers

Author : Pierre Guimard

Leading Efficient Client Meetings

Consider the following guidelines to make your meetings truly efficient.

Author : Dan Anderson

How to reassess your Pipeline

Every cloud has a silver lining and every change presents an opportunity to evolve. The financial crisis has presented new hardships and difficulties, and while the demands of your job may be different now, your work remains as important as ever. Take an inventory of your current client list and prospects (otherwise known as a pipeline) and consider their viability as future clients

Author : Dan Anderson