An Inside Look at McKinsey with Duff McDonald

In our interview, Duff addresses the unique characteristics of a McKinsey consultant, the history behind the behemoth brand, and what makes their services worth (or not worth) the hefty price tag.

Author : Duff McDonald

Peter Sheahan: Research, Questions, & Patience Make Quality Insights

In this interview, Peter Sheahan discusses forming innovative strategies, making better proposals, and motivating your clients and your team.

Author : Peter Sheahan

When Feedback Attacks!

It would be wise to understand the mechanics of why feedback often fails to obtain its primary objective (to improve performance or effectiveness).

Author : Robert Bullock

Independent Consultants Have Found Their Happy Place

Our most recent survey of 450 independent consultants found that even amid an uneven and slowly rebounding economic recovery, independent consultants are very upbeat about their chosen career path.

Author : John Kunzweiler

Power Shift: Independent Consultants Stepping Ahead

A fundamental change is quietly but most assuredly taking place in the American workplace: the balance of power is shifting from employers to professionals who work contingently.

Author : John Kunzweiler

Trends for Independent Consultants

More and more companies are hiring contractors to help them transform their business. This is not surprising. After all, if an organisation is aiming to reduce costs, it can hardly bring in even more full time employees to reduce those costs.

Author : Rolf Gerritsen

Consulting = Modern Slavery?

Consulting is renowned for two things: The long working hours required on the job and constant traveling away from home. Despite that, a recent study by the Management Consultancies Association amongst new hires reported that consultants are those most satisfied with their job.

Author : Dan Anderson

Recession-Proof Your Consulting Firm

The economic downturn has caused lots of companies to call into question their business tactics and pricing strategies. While reconsidering marketing practices may make good sense, you should not significantly change your pricing.

Author : Dan Anderson