Keep Moving and be a Healthy (and Wealthy) Consultant

Author : Alex Murphy
Published: August 23, 2012

We all know that sport is essential for our well being. And it is especially true for consultants. By eating out, staying at hotels, and surviving under high levels of stress, we expose ourselves to the problems of an unhealthy lifestyle. To cope with that, a sporting lifestyle is a good way to keep us from falling out of shape. By surfing on the Internet, it’s easy to find thousands of studies that demonstrate the benefits from sporting. I will not detail all that is found within these studies; however, it is important to point out that working out has two significant advantages for consultants: it works wonders against stress and it develops our intellectual capacities, which are our main assets. To both improve our mood and protect our brain, we need to move our body. So let’s put on our sneakers and get started…

Putting Sport into a Busy Schedule

• Schedule your sporting session just as you would schedule an important meeting. Don’t be ashamed to say that you’ve got something really important thing to do in order to make time to work out. • Take advantage of any down time that you might have to exercise. You should always have your sporting equipment with you. • If you are too exhausted, you should take a simple stroll around town. It’s better than nothing. • Try to wake up early and go on a short run around your neighborhood. You can also try to put in 45 minutes at lunch or during the late afternoon when it can be difficult to concentrate.

Get Connected

• Kill two birds with one stone by using sport as an opportunity to network. Working out with somebody else will keep you motivated and will increase your commitment. In addition, it can also help your business. The relaxed atmosphere that sporting activities create is very efficient in building and developing relationships. • Take the opportunity to reconnect with old friends or colleagues who would be interested in partaking in a sporting activity. • If you’ve got some experience in one sport, invite some clients or prospects to join you. They will remember the experience.

Don’t Stop when Traveling

• Know your surroundings before you travel. Go onto Google Maps and find a park or a recreational area so that you can jog around that park or play pickup basketball or any other sport. • Contact the hotel to see what they offer in terms of gyms and swimming pools. It can be useful to upgrade your hotel and pay a little more in order to have those facilities. • If possible, take a membership at a franchised gym (e.g., LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness). Those gyms will offer you a lot more, in terms of services, than your average hotel gym.

Have Fun

People often give up playing sports because they get bored. Here are some things that you can do to fight that impending boredom.

• Challenge yourself! Set yourself challenges such as obtaining a green belt in Judo or running a marathon in 6 months time (running half of a marathon is not that bad for a start). • Diversify. I find that practicing two different activities during the week is more interesting than practicing the same sport twice. • Be exotic. Sport should by no means be limited to running, cycling, or swimming. Martial arts, for example, can be a lot of fun. Hiking, sailing, or dancing, too, can bring you a lot of quality time to either think or meditate about certain things. Trying new ideas is also an excellent method in keeping you in a continual learning process. • Get equipped. Find some interesting podcasts or music to listen to. However, don’t feel obliged to run with headphones. I, for one, prefer to work out in silence.

Still not convinced? The best way to change your lifestyle is to try it for a month and see whether the program works for you or not. Remember: investing some time in sports is always a good calculation. The energy you get will make you much more efficient. Besides, it could also save your life…

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