Methodology of A Skinny Business Meal

Author : Audrey Terel
Published: June 14, 2012

Working those 12-hour workdays can be a brutal testament to your diet. From eating out at restaurants for those business meetings to those quick meals at the neighborhood deli can take a huge toll on your overall health. However, it is possible to maintain a balanced diet while going from business dinners to business dinners – it is simply a question of what you order and how you go about your meals. This article should hopefully, give you a better understanding of what to order at a restaurant and the steps that you should take during the course of your meal.

The principal factors that accompany weight gain when eating out:

1). The dishes at the restaurant are definitely not as healthy as what you would get at your house as they are filled with all the extravagances that you would not generally see in your mother’s cooking.

2). It is generally quite difficult to resist those temptations for those fatty foods at restaurants, and many people fall prey to such temptations.

What should you order at a restaurant in order to stay fit?


If there are going to be drinks at this business meeting, stray away from hard alcohol and go for red wine or a glass of champagne. If you can get away from alcohol together, have a glass of fruit or vegetable juice or better yet a glass of sparkling water. Coupling bar snacks (chips, peanuts..) with alcohol is a lethal calorie intake. Stick with water in order to sober up; it’s a healthier option to alleviate the impending hangover.


Business meals will usually mean having to order an appetizer. Go for soups, salads, vegetables, shellfish, or Carpaccio. Dodge those quiches, salty tarts, puff pastries, and cold cuts that are either greasy or fatty.


Seafood is the best type of entrée to order. Thanks to the high portion of Omega 3, fatty acid, fish can be eaten without limit. It supplies your organism with "good fat", it's good against aging and it helps you fight stress. Meats, however should only be eaten three times a week while red meets only once a week as they are high in cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease if eaten continuously for weeks on end.

Side Dish

The ideal choice should be mixed vegetables, rice, or pasta. Avoid French fries.


For dessert, go for sorbet. Don’t go for those heavy cakes and ice creams that are covered in fudge. Stick with a fruit based dessert and you’ll feel much healthier.

Last tips

• Eat much slower. It is the current business model to eat quick so you can go back to the office; however, if you’re allotted a certain amount of time definitely take advantage of it.

• Put to a side all those fatty sauces like Russian dressing or mayonnaise or even ranch dressing. If you do use them, keep it to a minimum.

• Keep bread out of reach, and focus on the conversation.

• One glass of wine maximum per meal

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