Consulting is a Contact Sport

Modern technology makes it easy for workers to get things done away from the office. But as the contingent workforce swells into the tens of millions of professionals, many independent consultants are faced with the question of where they should ideally do their work. The short answer: the client site.

Author : John Kunzweiler

An Inside Look at McKinsey with Duff McDonald

In our interview, Duff addresses the unique characteristics of a McKinsey consultant, the history behind the behemoth brand, and what makes their services worth (or not worth) the hefty price tag.

Author : Duff McDonald

Peter Sheahan: Research, Questions, & Patience Make Quality Insights

In this interview, Peter Sheahan discusses forming innovative strategies, making better proposals, and motivating your clients and your team.

Author : Peter Sheahan

When Feedback Attacks!

It would be wise to understand the mechanics of why feedback often fails to obtain its primary objective (to improve performance or effectiveness).

Author : Robert Bullock

Systems Thinking: A Consultant’s Guide to Working through Complexity Thumb_systems_thinking_consulting

The purpose of this article is to discuss one particular aspect of systems thinking – dealing with complexity – and explore how you as a consultant can develop this skill.

Author : Robert Bullock

Don't Panic: What To Do If You Aren't Staffed Right Away

You’re not staffed. What do you do now?

Author : John Shaughnessy

Daniel Pink: Consultants Should Generate New Insights

In this interview, Daniel Pink offers fresh ideas about essential right-brain skills for consultants, motivational techniques for stimulating clients, and tips for selling proposals (and staying afloat after rejection).

Author : Consulting Cafe

Does Your Strategy have 5 Star Simplicity?

Take a moment to sense check your progress against the 5 key success factors we think a strategy needs if it is to succeed.

Author : Julian Wells

Once You Get Staffed: 5 Things To Do Next

Often, staffing decisions are made on Friday afternoon. That doesn’t give you much time before you fly to your new client on Monday morning. So, once you get off the phone with the staffer, do these five things to make sure you’re ready to rumble.

Author : John Shaughnessy

3 Tips for Successful Networking

If you’re going to do traditional networking, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want it to work

Author : Debbie LaChusa

Motivate Your Client: 5 Questions You must Answer

There are 5 essential questions that you must answer for employees in order to create and sustain a motivating culture at the client.

Author : Holly Green

Independent Consultants Have Found Their Happy Place

Our most recent survey of 450 independent consultants found that even amid an uneven and slowly rebounding economic recovery, independent consultants are very upbeat about their chosen career path.

Author : John Kunzweiler