Job Performance Defined

In this article, I will provide a complete, empirically based definition of job performance. Because much of what we as consultants do is targeted at improving performance at some level, understanding the theoretical underpinnings of this construct should prove valuable, or at the very least provide some insight.

Author : Robert Bullock

Dr. Roy Baumeister: “People with Good Self-Control are more Successful”

In this Q&A with Dr. Baumeister, he discusses how consultants should capture, increase, and leverage willpower for success

Author : Consulting Café

7 Consulting Lessons from James Bond

As I enjoyed these movies, it occurred to me that there are many consulting lessons we can learn from 007

Author : Lew Sauder

Does the Internet make Consulting Obsolete?

Today, Internet has obviously made competitive advantages much easier to get for clients. But does that make us obsolete as consultants? Maybe not – we just have to change entirely the way we work and the value we provide to our clients.

Author : Pierre Guimard

The Key to Success that You may be Overlooking

Here are the reasons why you should consider inviting the client’s employees to contribute, and how to make the partnership work

Author : Consulting Café

Is Your Strategy Due for a Check-Up?

You need to regularly assess and update your strategic plan

Author : Holly Green

6 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Expert

Here are six ways to establish your expertise so you become the go-to expert in your field. When that happens, you’ll be surprised how clients and opportunities start coming to you, instead of you having to chase them down!

Author : Debbie LaChusa

Power Shift: Independent Consultants Stepping Ahead

A fundamental change is quietly but most assuredly taking place in the American workplace: the balance of power is shifting from employers to professionals who work contingently.

Author : John Kunzweiler

Plan of Action: Crucial Tool for Successful Consultants

Follow these suggestions to create and leverage your plan of action for maximum effectiveness.

Author : Consulting Café

8 Essential Strategies to Improve your Social Media Presence

Here are 8 ways for you to take advantage of this new opportunity and make social media work for you.

Author : Consulting Café

8 Tips for Independent Consultants to Jump-Start Business

Here are eight business strategies that can help any independent contractor build their business and position themselves for victory in a competitive market.

Author : Mary Sigmann

5 Ways to Land More Clients

Some effective ways to help you generate more leads and grow your consulting business. Below are 5 strategies to get things moving for you...

Author : Michael Zipursky