How to Avoid being Blown Out of an Office

Here are some situations to be aware of and avoid or deal with more productively.

Author : Alan Weiss

Keep Moving and be a Healthy (and Wealthy) Consultant

A sporting lifestyle is a good way to keep us from falling out of shape.

Author : Alex Murphy

Working Backwards for Maximum Effectiveness

Here’s a conceptual breakthrough that I’m introducing with my coaching clients in my new Super Coaching (KAATN: Kick Ass And Take Names) Program.

Author : Alan Weiss

Secret Weapons of the Modern Consultant

Here are a number of secret weapons of the modern consultant (arranged roughly in order from foundational to more advanced)

Author : Steve Shu

The Most Important Leadership Trait You Shun

Imagine two lists: One contains the qualities that a business person should have, and another includes the attributes that most business people would say they wouldn't want to have. There's only one term I can think of that might top both lists: vulnerability.

Author : Patrick Lencioni

7 Tips for a New Consultant

Here are a few tips that may help you navigate the unknown waters of being employed at a consulting firm.

Author : Lew Sauder

Should I be a Facilitator?

I run into a lot of folks who use the term "management consulting" a lot more loosely than I would use the term.

Author : Steve Shu

8 Tips to Improve Those Frustrating Emails

Just simply looking at these staggering figures shows that email takes up a large part of our day, but there’s much more than just this.

Author : Robert Bullock

The Power of Saying 'We Blew It'

I recently saw a television commercial that made quite an impression on me, and I have a hunch that it might go down as one of the most effective advertisements of all time, assuming the company behind it is sincere. I'm talking about Domino's Pizza and the recent ad in which the company concedes the shortcomings of its product and explains what has been done to improve it.

Author : Patrick Lencioni

Why Clients Don’t Trust Us: The Seven Deadly Sins of Consulting

Based on surveys conducted by various consulting companies, we can notice that the same complaints can be heard over and over again. I, personally, call them the seven deadly sins of consulting. Let’s see what clients say about us and how we can avoid such causes for criticism.

Author : Steve Polen

How to Make Project Closure and Client-Consultant Transitions Smooth

Some tricks to making transitions smoother for both clients and consultants

Author : Steve Shu

Death by Meeting

As a business society, we've come to accept that meetings are unavoidably painful and unproductive. To address the problem, leaders will need to take a contrarian view of meetings and apply a few basic guidelines.

Author : Patrick Lencioni