Consultants Are Outsiders: Deal With It.

They are often hired by clients to provide an outsider’s view, a fresh perspective, unburdened by the politics, cynical attitudes and prejudices that are ingrained with tenured client employees.

Author : Lew Sauder

Beware of Brain Pickers

Here are some advices to avoid brain pickers

Author : Pierre Guimard

Boutique vs. Large Consulting Firms - What are the Reasons Behind a Candidate's Choice?

When making the decision to apply for a position in consulting, candidates struggle to choose between a big firm and a small boutique. It is a highly personal choice that will impact the course of your career in major ways. Graduates and experienced hires will take in account 5 main factors. Understanding those is key to influence a candidate’s decision to join your firm.

Author : Steve Polen

6 Aptitudes Thriving Consultants Cultivate

Here are the top 6 aptitudes that great consultants cultivate

Author : Steve Polen

Writing Successful Consulting Proposals

Many consultants make the same mistakes over and over when delivering business proposals. It’s time to boost your conversion rate and turn every business proposal into an actual project. Here is what you need to keep in check.

Author : Dan Anderson

Hiring Experienced Consultants for Cultural Fit

Follow this guide and you’ll be taking the right steps toward making your practice solvent and able to meet its commitments with no trouble.

Author : Dan Anderson

Leading Efficient Client Meetings

Consider the following guidelines to make your meetings truly efficient.

Author : Dan Anderson

How to reassess your Pipeline

Every cloud has a silver lining and every change presents an opportunity to evolve. The financial crisis has presented new hardships and difficulties, and while the demands of your job may be different now, your work remains as important as ever. Take an inventory of your current client list and prospects (otherwise known as a pipeline) and consider their viability as future clients

Author : Dan Anderson

Consulting = Modern Slavery?

Consulting is renowned for two things: The long working hours required on the job and constant traveling away from home. Despite that, a recent study by the Management Consultancies Association amongst new hires reported that consultants are those most satisfied with their job.

Author : Dan Anderson

Recession-Proof Your Consulting Firm

The economic downturn has caused lots of companies to call into question their business tactics and pricing strategies. While reconsidering marketing practices may make good sense, you should not significantly change your pricing.

Author : Dan Anderson

Getting a Job in Consulting

This post will help you build the confidence to ace a consulting interview.

Author : Dan Anderson