Frequently Asked Questions



Can I preview an item before purchasing it?

You will be able to preview the item if the author has made that option available.

How do I access the item purchased?

Once you purchase an item, a link will be available in your account summary under Purchases and active for a 3month period following your purchase.


Will my name appear on the item I publish?

No. We understand that most consultants may not want to have their name associated with the deliverables they sell. We will never communicate your identity to other users. Refer to the Privacy Policies and User Agreement for more details.

What kind of items can I find or Sell on the Marketplace?

Whatever document you have produced may be what another consultant needs. You can sell any document of quality that you own. We are thinking power points and excel templates, Consulting Proposals, Legal documents, businessprocesses, best practice... You name it. You may also want to just sell segments of your documents, sometime a full document may be too specific to a precise case. For instance, you may just want to extract an industry specific SWOT and a few processes instead of the full analysis of your client’s business.

Okay, I have found a bunch of interesting document that I want to sell. What now?

1- Consultants’ work is highly confidential so the first thing you will need to do is to sanitize your work: Whip out your firm’s and your client’s name; blank out case specific data.

2- Then, consider segmenting your document to create theme specific items. It will allow you to respond to targeted needs of other consultants and increase your sales.

3- Finally, upload the documents to the marketplace, submit it for approval and collect your cash. That simple.

Tip: Consider ask a summer (intern) to select, sanitize and segment documents. It is a great opportunity for your intern to explore a variety of cases in depth while helping you give a second life to your work.

What item should I upload to illustrate an item I'm selling?

We strongly advise you to include screen shots of the item as it will add a layer of trust to the item. We are currently working on developing a better way to preview documents. Stay put!

What price should I set for my items?

It’s entirely up to you! We have documents that range from €5 to €500, depending on the length and content. On average, documents in the Database sell for €15 to €30.

What are the fees for selling my documents?

The proceeds from all sales are split the following way between the seller and Consulting Café: 70% goes to the seller and 30% to Consulting Café). You will never incur any transaction fees or other charges for selling your documents. That means you will receive 70% of the price you set.

When and how will I get paid?

After your item is purchased by a user, the amount will be added to your account. If the outstanding balance of your accounts is equal or higher than €150, you will receive payment through PayPal within 30days of the end of the month. If your balance does not reach €150 it will carry over to the following month. For instance, if you have earned €80 in September and €75 in October, you will receive €155 on the 30th of November at the latest. You can check on your balance in our account summary, then check your Account Balance.

Why is an item I submitted pending?

After you upload a document, your submission will be reviewed by our team. Please check your Item on sales for the status of your documents.

Why do I need to receive approval before my item gets published on the marketplace?

Because our team cares about the quality of the documents on our marketplace, we reserve the right to not publish items that don’t meet our quality standards. If you received an email notifying you that your item was not approved, please refer to that email for the reason.

Can I edit or delete an item once I have added it on the marketplace?

Once the item is published on the marketplace, you can delete or edit an item under Item on sales under your account summary. You will then be able to edit any field, but you will not be able to change the file uploaded.

You can delete any item you have published on the marketplace. Note that it will still be available for download to users who have already purchased it.


I want to recommend a solution that isn’t on Consulting Café yet, how do I share it?

Just click “share my tool” on the home page of “useful tools” and fill in the fields. Once you submit your recommended IT solution, we will review its relevance and run a quick quality control.

Once it is approved and published, you will be notified by email.


How can I submit an article?

Any user can become a contributor and post articles on the consulting café blog. When you submit an article, the consulting café team will review it for relevance and quality of content. You will receive an email notifying you on the status change of your article as soon as we review it!


Will my name be associated publicly to a client rating if I submit a rating?

In order for your name not be associated with the ratings, all you need to do is tick the “Yes, I want to stay anonymous” box when creating a rating.

When I submit a quote to the twitter feed, what twitter account will relay it?

You will remain anonymous as we will tweet your quote through @EpicClients. If you don’t particularly care to hide your identity, please feel free to tweet @EpicClients, we will Re-tweet your anecdote.

What is the difference between submitting “a quote” and “a full rating”?


How can I modify my personal data?

You can delete or modify any of your personal data at anytime: Go in your account summary, and then click “my profile” .