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Backupify is a storage provider for cloud-based data such as Blogger, Facebook Profiles, Facebook Fan Pages, Flickr, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google Sites, LinkedIn, Picasa, Twitter, and Zoho. Backupify ensures that you will not lose your online spreadsheets, emails, calendar, and other vital data.

Backupify protects your web-based data from the most common causes of data loss:

• User error • Viruses • Data corruption • Hacking or sabotage

Backupify is easy to use: Point it at your online accounts, authorize it to access them, and then periodically, Backupify goes in, slurps your data out, and stores it on its own cloud servers. Yes, it backs up the cloud into another cloud. The option to back up to your own hardware is coming later, possibly via Dropbox sync, which would be pretty cool.

Restoring deleted data, though, is another kettle of fish. For most services like Google Docs, it's easy to pump Backupify archives back into the service, either to un-delete an erroneously erased file, or to transfer information in bulk from one account to another.

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