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Doolphy was developed by an ex-management Consultant to solve the problems he encountered during his time with project management.

Here are the main features of Doolphy:

• Planning: The tasks to be performed in different types of projects are repeated with slight variations; therefore, the project templates are designed to save time and effort in planning. The templates smoothly incorporate milestones to track deadlines and phases.

The task dependency system is very convenient as it allows for the establishment of tasks that are dependent on the completion of others that are to be started.

• Monitoring: Record hours spent on each task and use the file manager to allow all team members to share the project documents.

Keep track of allowances, accommodation, and travel expenses that are incurred during the execution.

Recording the time spent and expenses incurred allows for the computation of project returns - using Doolphy financial reports.

We are particularly enthusiastic about this new feature (still in beta):

• Smart Planning Assistant: Allows for one to easily create new projects in an automated fashion.

Have you been using Doolphy to manage your projects? Share your experience in the comments below.



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