Introduction to Databases

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This is an introductory course on databases primarily focusing on how databases and database systems are used in applications. The course will cover relational databases and SQL as well as cover semi-structured and unstructured data using the XML and JSON models. It will cover different ways of designing databases and include such important topics such as; indexes, views, transactions, authorization, integrity, triggers, and online analytical processing (OLAP). Towards the end of the class, Cloud databases and NoSQL systems will also be covered.

About the Course

"Introduction to Databases" had a very successful public offering in fall 2011, as one of Stanford's inaugural three massive open online courses. Since then, the course materials have been improved and expanded, and we're excited to be launching a second public offering of the course in winter 2013. The course includes video lectures and demos with in-video quizzes to check understanding, in-depth standalone quizzes, a wide variety of automatically-checked interactive programming exercises, midterm and final exams, a discussion forum, optional additional exercises with solutions, and pointers to readings and resources. Taught by Professor Jennifer Widom, the curriculum draws from Stanford's popular Introduction to Databases course.

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